Founded in Lexington, KY by Nancy Ward in 2003 as Kentucky Specialty Sauces, and recently rebranded, Ward’s Kentucky Specialties is a woman owned business that produces small-batch sauces made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Encouragement from friends and family to allow the wider public an opportunity to enjoy her offerings inspired Nancy’s confidence in the distinctiveness and marketability of her signature sauce, and convinced her to commercially produce and market her products. Since 2003, Nancy has developed 5 distinctive sauce and partner products.

A member of the KY Proud program, Ward’s Kentucky Specialties enjoys collaborating with other fine specialty food developers to bring their products to market. A partnership with Ouita Michel of Holly Hill Inn, Wallace Station and Windy Corner Market resulted in the popular Bourbon Mustard used in the restaurant and on retailer shelves, and has inspired other specialty food products soon to be released. “Our skills and experience in the industry assist our partners in achieving outstanding results in product development and cost savings,” says Ward.

Bluegrass Steaks and Everything Sauce, the popular signature product, led to the production of a similar sauce with more kick - Bluegrass Steaks and Everything Sauce: Racy & Spicy Blend. Our Bluegrass Bourbon Sauce is the ultimate representative of our Kentucky-centric sauces, and inspired us to create the Bourbon Chocolatier Sauce for the sweet tooth in all of us. Our Pineapple Chutney adds a product that is a perfect pairing for cheeses, pork and fowl.

You can find our products on the shelves of many fine retailers in Kentucky and nationally – you can find us in the kitchen hard at work on the next generation of Ward’s Kentucky Specialties. Enjoy!